2010-04-10 35 -106

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Sat 10 Apr 2010 in 35,-106:
35.1513277, -106.6384178

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In a vacant lot on 4th Street (El Camino Real and Route 66 at one point) in the north valley of Albuquerque.



I saw yesterday that the hash was in town, although we had a fairly busy day planned. I figured we'd try to squeeze it in somewhere.


I needed to get a 20+ mile run in for my marathon a few weeks out, but I'd already planned to meet some folks on the bike path along the Rio Grande. That wasn't SO far from where the hash was, but I didn't think I'd feel like taking a detour after running 21 miles. I was right. I did get out for some errands later, and drove right past the hash on the way home to scout it out. I would have stopped, but I didn't have my camera with me. We headed out again after the youngest woke up from his nap, and the hash was pretty much as simple as it looked. We headed to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream after. YUM!


n/a - got out of the car and walked 50 ft