2010-04-06 60 10

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Tue 6 Apr 2010 in 60,10:
60.2117945, 10.1908889

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  • It says 7.1km. And the map shows something like a track. I guess I'll have to go and take a look. -- relet 16:13, 05 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • I am near. 400m, and this time, there is a hiking path. -- relet @60.2109,10.1976 17:43, 06 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • I can understand how religions can form around things like a big rock - or in my case: a big stick. I made 50m of progress. -- relet @60.2110,10.1963 18:09, 06 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • We learned in school that water always chooses the easiest path: this tells the intrepid geohasher that HE shouldn't. -- relet @60.2115,10.1941 18:32, 06 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • The way back was surprisingly easy. Stick got stuck at about the place I found him. I think he meant to stay. And now for the somewhat annoying cycling home in wet shoes part. I call it the Nordic Triathlon. -- relet @60.2118,10.1910 19:23, 06 April 2010 (MESZ)



This is how you identify a brook below the snow. (Turn on your speakers!)