2010-04-05 50 -1

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Mon 5 Apr 2010 in 50,-1:
50.8796675, -1.2561088

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Whiteley Primary School. Without privileged access, i think this would be a failed expedition from the start.



Sermoa plans to get to this geohash somehow. it's been way too long since i went geohashing! unfortunately there seem to be engineering works between winchester and eastleigh, which means it'll be a replacement bus to eastleigh, then a train to fareham before getting a train to swanwick. after which there is a short walk to the geohash location. i shall try to be there for 4pm.

I'm hoping i might be able to combine the expedition with Sidetracked - Swanwick geocache as i have a geocoin to drop off somewhere :)

Cancel that! I've just had the presence of mind to check the google streetview and i find out the geohash is in a school - Whiteley Primary School in fact. which means i won't be going after all. Thank Google for UK-wide Streetview!


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