2010-04-05 42 -72

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2010-04-05 42 -72 view.jpg

Mon 5 Apr 2010 in 42,-72:
42.2145287, -72.4158309

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At Ludlow Reservoir, in Ludlow, Massachusetts.




Google maps showed this hashpoint to be very near the path that encircles the reservoir, a little over 1.6km from the parking lot. I decided that given the day's schedule constraints, there wasn't time for the kids to complete that walk, so I drove to the reservoir alone leaving enough time for the 3.2 km walk before I had to pick up the children from school.

When I got to the reservoir, I discovered that part of the area around the reservoir is closed to the public - the public can't walk all the way around the reservoir. One can reach the hashpoint, but only by walking the long way around the reservoir, about 4.5 or 5 km each way. I had no bike with me. I had about 75 minutes, 9 or 10 km to cover (to the point and back) on a paved path, no running shoes or running clothes, and an out-of-shape pair of legs.

Oooh - suspense. Will she make to the hashpoint in time?

I started off at a slow jog, and surprised myself by jogging all the way to the hashpoint! I guess my legs and lungs remembered that years ago I used to run. It was a very pretty trip through the woods, right next to the reservoir. I wish I had had time to take more pictures.

Near the hashpoint, the path changed from pavement to grass, and the point was within a few meters of the path.

... and then I jogged back to the car. Jogging back wasn't fun, but I'm glad to have made it to the hashpoint.

On the way back I saw a pair of ducks and a few Canada Geese, and since there were no humans within earshot, I told the geese in English and French to get back home.

I slowed down a little towards the end, and then while driving to the school I got lost due to a detour, so I was late picking up the children, but they and the school survived.


Ever since I saw that Yerushalmi had invented this ribbon, I wanted to claim it too, but I had to wait until Passover. No food is allowed on the path at the reservoir, so I achieved this ribbon as soon as I got back to the car.

Sara earned the Unleavened Geohash achievement
by eating matzo in the parking lot at the end of the excursion to the (42, -72) geohash on 2010-04-05.