2010-04-03 49 10

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Sat 3 Apr 2010 in 49,10:
49.9957244, 10.1558633

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At a street near Bergrheinfeld.




Will go to Würzburg with my girlfriend by train, from there a friend of hers will drive us to Mühlhausen, where their goddaughter lives. Together, they will go shopping in Schweinfurt and drop me at the hashpoint (which is conveniently located just at the road from Mühlhausen to Schweinfurt) on their way there. I will walk 10 km in approximately 2.5 hours back to Mühlhausen, enough time for them to also have returned by then.


Plans were changed, and my girlfriend and her friend wanted to go to Würzburg instead, but my girlfriend offered to drive me to the hashpoint anyway. It was easy to find and right next to the street as expected. I left the marker I brought with me, and waited 20 minutes for the official meetup time, in case somebody else wanted to show up (nobody did).

The 10 km walk back to Mühlhausen was nice, but strong winds and rain were annoying and also didn't allow for nice pictures of anything - there wasn't much but fields along the way anyway, except for the castle garden in Werneck, which I didn't visit (because of the bad weather).