2010-04-03 45 -123

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Sat 3 Apr 2010 in 45,-123:
45.9957244, -123.1558633

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East of Mist, Oregon. It appears to be on Timber land. This is no where near Mist County, Minnesota, for you PHC fans.



For some unclear reason, Jim's inclined to give this one a try. It would make much more sense tomorrow with the errands I have planned, but the hashpoint is where the hashpoint chooses to be.


Well, Jim eventually set off for this hashpoint, doing some errands on the way.

One of which was to visit tomorrow's Portland hashpoint. After scouting it out, I headed west and north to the hashpoint.

The trip was very familiar, and I waved at the entrance road to last week's hashpoint.

I continued on, and passed through Vernonia. On the other side, about 5 miles out, there was a pullout to the right. Suspecting what it was, I pulled in it, and found Cedar Creek ML. (Thought I remain unclear on what a ML actually is.) It said it was open to people if they behaved themselves. However, the gate was closed and locked, so the car was going to have to stay on this side of the gate.

I wasn't up for a five mile hike to the closest road, and then a certain amount of bushwacking, so I'm going to declare that Mother Nature has won another round.