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Fri 2 Apr 2010 in 50,11:
50.8064218, 11.1217503

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I was going to ride my bike from Erfurt to Schleusingerneundorf (from my to Manu's parents) in the afternoon of this Good Friday. Shortest distance would have been 62 km. I made it 70 km by visiting the hashpoint near Witzleben and Stadtilm on my way. Nothing special about the ride, except that I was exposed to headwind most of the time.

To get to the hashpoint, I left paved roads in Witzleben and initially rode my road bike on a dry field path. When it got into the wood, there were still some puddles and muddy sections, in which I walked or carried the bike. After 1.7 km of field path I reached the hashpoint right beside the track. After taking the usual photos I rode on about 2 km to Großhettstedt, where I eventually got back on paved roads. To be exactly, I was back on B87, where I also rode on my expeditions of March, 25 and March, 19 and continued on the same way to Manu as I did in the latter expedition.


Entering Witzleben (translated: "joke life").  
Looking back to Witzleben from the beginning of the field path.  
No road bike conditions at all.  
Coordinates reached.  
My bike at the exact point.  
From another perspective.  
Riding on to Großhettstedt.