2010-04-02 49 -123

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Fri 2 Apr 2010 in 49,-123:
49.8064218, -123.1217503

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On a trail close to the highway near Squamish.


Juventas plans to be there with no GPS at around 2pm.



I had come from Whistler with no GPS, a fixed-zoom lens on my camera, thin-soled shoes, and no rain gear. Since I had time before the meetup, I continued to Squamish for food and a $1 rain poncho. Leaving Squamish I used my map and tripometer to guarentee I was at the right pullout.

To my surprise the trail was a road, albeit not a very good one. I drove halfway up and parked in an illegal dumping site. The birds were not ones I was used to hearing, and at first I thought someone was blowing a whistle.

I made the short walk up the trail, making note of where the middle power line intersected the trail, as this would be my final landmark. Once there I danced for good measure. I continued a little further to a clearing and made a sign in case anyone arrived after me. I had been shown how to do this by Vancouverites once before, but this was the first time doing so on my own. On the way back I also made a large arrow pointing to the direction of my sign.

I had hoped to finally meet the world-renowned Thepiguy but it did not happen.