2010-04-02 36 -76

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Fri 2 Apr 2010 in 36,-76:
36.8064218, -76.1217503

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neighborhood in Virginia Beach, Va



Checked at work and saw that the hash was in town, so knew I could run and get it this evening. I thought I might be able to take my bike, but looking closer, I realized that it was a little too far away to get there and back in daylight by bike. I'll have to save that for another day. I decided to pick up the family and drag them along before we went to dinner.


Arriving home, I changed into my Outdoor Adventure #9 and got the family in the car and ready to go. I didn't look too closely at the hash location online, so we fired up the GPS and followed the arrow. We soon got the neighborhood where the hash was, but it took a few wrong turns to find the right entrance that would get us there.

We found the hash just off the road, on the sidewalk/front yard of a home. I didn't bother speaking with the homeowner, but pulled my wife out of the car to document the Drag-Along. After the photo, I dropped my hashmark on the sidewalk and we headed out. The rest of the adventure consisted of shopping and dinner.



Archer27 earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Bluebonnet to the (36, -76) geohash on 2010-04-02.
Archer27 earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (36, -76) geohash on 2010-04-02.