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2010-04-01 59 9

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Thu 1 Apr 2010 in 59,9:
59.7412783, 9.8992381

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[edit] Location

West of Drammen, Norway

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Well, he remembered to bring his android phone, that much is clear.

[edit] Expedition

  • Sitting in the bus to Hokksund. Snowfall has stopped. It's raining instead. Lots. -- relet @60.1643,10.2509 10:53, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • I just realized I have the ultimate cover story to be anywhere. An id card from the national mapping authority. -- relet @60.1017,10.1300 11:05, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • Arrived in Hokksund. Jusqu'ici tout va bien. I met a black cat this morning. It came from the left - was that meant at bring luck? I shall find out. -- relet @59.7703,9.9083 12:03, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • Walking along a graveyard: I think 'Tea' is a lovely name. -- relet @59.7660,9.9039 12:17, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • Found a cache, which someone has logged earlier today. Seems like not everyone has gone it the mountains for easter after all. -- relet @59.7625,9.8995 12:34, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • That last location tag proves that I had almost taken a wrong turn. Yay for realtime hashing. -- relet @59.7623,9.8994 12:38, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • I found a field path up the hill. It's either snowy for muddy. -- relet @59.7445,9.8976 13:08, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • It's better on the muddy parts that are not entirely wet. The snowy parts might have hidden puddles underneath. -- relet @59.7425,9.8992 13:15, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • Before I cross that brook again, I should make sure on which side of it the coordinates are. But how? :P well - here we go jumping. -- relet @59.7414,9.8991 13:34, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • Wow. Almost missed the bus back, having expected it 20 minutes later. Missed the third cache at the train station instead. It wasn't worth waiting for two hours. -- relet @59.7704,9.9083 15:28, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)
  • Home sweet home. The rest of the pictures will follow when I am near a computer again. -- relet @60.1505,10.2558 17:20, 01 April 2010 (MESZ)

[edit] Tracklog

[edit] Photos