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The Forum in the centre of Norwich

Tue 30 Mar 2010 in Norwich:
52.6277707, 1.2913778

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MagicIan finally found a hash that wasn't in the middle of nowhere. In fact, better than this, it was probably one of the busiest places in the whole graticule - The Forum in the centre of Norwich.

The Forum (http://www.theforumnorfolk.com/) is home to several organisations and is a focus for a wide range of learning and cultural activities in the centre of Norwich. It houses learning organisations, café, restaurant and takeaway facilities, as well as the state of the art Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library.

MagicIan went on a detour after work and hung around the hashpoint from around 17:30-18:00. He sat upstairs in the library reading a magazine, with an XKCD sign on the glass panel in front of him, hoping someone else would see it. MagicIan left it there with an explanation on the back after he left. He would like to think the librarian didn't just throw it in the bin at the end of the day...