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Sun 28 Mar 2010 in Würzburg:
49.7626321, 9.1763295

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Today's location is next to a tiny hut in the forest on a hillside of the Main river valley, between Laudenbach and Wörth am Main.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken (Lower Franconia); district: Miltenberg



After many weeks of hard work, I finally have two weeks of vacation. Before taking the plane to faraway graticules, I first had to drive to my parents, and as usual I chose a route that led me to a hashpoint on the way. I first drove to Wertheim and then followed the country road winding along the Main to Miltenberg. Not much later, I was approaching the hashpoint, getting nearer and nearer... and I drove by, because there was nowhere to stop without endangering traffic and, more important, myself. I left the road at the next exit (where I planned to park the car and then to walk back to the hashpoint) and took a look at my GPS's map. Oh look, there is a road/track leading directly along the hillside through the forest to the hashpoint! I drove a little further along the side street and parked the car near an inn.

Then I took camera, GPS, hash-Scott and my umbrella (my journey started in sunshine, but it had started to rain 3 km from the hashpoint...) and followed the tarmacked track towards the hashpoint. Uhm no, I followed the grassy track towards the hashpoint. Uhm, dude, where's my track? The 3-4 metre wide track suddenly ended at a wall of bushes, through which only a small trail continued. The trail went straight along the terraced hillside. Progress wasn't easy though, because every few dozen metres something stopped me: Trees were lying across the trail and thorny brambles reached for my trousers, jacket, umbrella or skin, I had to make a few detours to get past/over/under those hazards. After much longer than planned, I was near the hashpoint. It was only a few metres from a tiny hut which stood all alone in the middle of the forest. The steep slope and more thorny brambles made it difficult to reach the exact spot, so I was satisfied when the distance to the hashpoint was less than the GPS accuracy and the displayed figures were stable long enough for a few photos. From the hashpoint I had a nice view on the Main river and the hill on the opposite side.

I made my way back around brambles and around fallen trees to the car, taking different detours than on the way to the hashpoint, and drove through the Odenwald forest to my parents.