2010-03-28 -37 145

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Sun 28 Mar 2010 in -37,145:
-37.7626321, 145.1763295

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In a park in Templestowe, yo.



  • Kozz - Wandering out that way sometime in the arvo.
  • myka - will head out in the afternoon at some point (left home just after 4pm)



Supremely confident in my masculinity, I went to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, which for some reason people call MIFGS when strictly the acronym should be MIFAGS. Can't figure out why they opt for the former...

After spending a morning and early afternoon elbowing my way through the horrors of the Blue Rinse Brigade and several thousand people whose main purpose in life seems to be to stop directly in front of me when I'm trying to walk in a straight line on a footpath, I decided to go to the hashpoint on the way home.

T'was an easy drive and an easy get, I pulled up to the reserve and parked, and followed the Garmin to the spot. I got to within a metre, but with overcast skies the hashpoint was jumping around like a...jumping thing. I made a hashmarker, then as I watched the Garmin it told me I was 20 metres out of place. I went to the updated hashpoint, made ANOTHER hash marker, and took another photo. It then told me to go back to the original hashpoint. So Myka's probably confused as hell trying to figure out who all the hashmarkers were left by.

Got back in the car and drove home, in time to watch Jenson Button win the Formula One, and Mark Webber drive into the back of an unsuspecting Lewis Hamilton. Poor Schuey didn't do so well either, but that wasn't help by crashing early on in the race.


Left late as always after being distracted, then having to go back to get my wallet. I made the easy drive over to the hash-park. I turned on the GPS as I was on Doncaster Road, and then just went roughly the direction the GPS said the hashpoint was, until I found the park. It was somewhat of a gully, or at least noticeably sloped when parking.

Found the hash fairly easily, and took a couple of photos (which will go up tomorrow from work I think). Don't know if I was there before or after Kozz. I didn't see any hash markers, but left my own, constructed from a pair of sticks stuck in the ground in an 'X'.

After battling some stupid traffic along Alexander Parade, I got home in time to watch the last 15 or so laps of the F1.

Most of the way home i followed a ute which was under attack from a giant spider.

(may expand on this when i do the photos)