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2010-03-26 43 -79

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Fri 26 Mar 2010 in 43,-79:
43.7575247, -79.1970070

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[edit] Participants

[edit] Location

Today's point landed in the front yard of a house in the West Hill neighbourhood in Scarborough, very close to a fence.

[edit] Expedition

Satellite imagery suggested the point would be on an accessable front lawn, so I headed to the point after work in my car, 'Em'. Now that the days are longer, it was going to be bright out too!

On arrival, I was having problems getting the GPS to give me a discrete direction to walk in. After calibrating the compass, I snapped some pictures, and hoped back in my car thinking that this would be a fairly simple success with no additional awards, but then I recalled the addition of the Frozen Geohash award. Luckily, 'Em' is outfitted with a thermometer with digital readout on the dash. Ambient temperature: -1°C. I believe the weather network is calling for double-digit positive values of temperature next week, so this may be one of the last times to get this award this year during the daytime.

[edit] Photos