2010-03-26 -37 145

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Fri 26 Mar 2010 in -37,145:
-37.6738263, 145.1237657

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Underneath some power lines in Plenty


Kozz's dog


Decided to go for a drive and try to get to the hashpoint; from the air it looked pretty straightforward.

I parked in the sports area on the northern side of the hashpoint, figuring I could walk to the point itself following the Garmin's directions without any problems.

It rapidly became clear that the cleared area was actually paddocks / fields, and it wasn't clear which one I'd need to enter to get to the hashpoint. One contained a horse, the other contained goats. There was a shiny chainlink gate which would've given access to at least one of the paddocks, but it was locked. You can see the gate in the panorama.

I didn't feel like trespassing, so took the 'fail' like a man and moved on with the dog. Day 2 of 2 with fails!

Photo proof below.