2010-03-25 50 11

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Thu 25 Mar 2010 in 50,11:
50.7678183, 11.1027620

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Still, there was nice weather and the 50 11 hashpoint was close to a road. Though it was 50 km each direction from Jena-Cospeda, I decided to cycle there in the evening. I planned to start at 20:00 (which I did) and be back at midnight (which I also was - 15 sec in time).

After coming home from work, I had some pasta and prepared for the night ride. To Stadtilm I was using the same roads that I took at the 2010-03-19 50 11 expedition the week before. At 21:51 I stopped close to the hashpoint and went 5 m into the brushwood. After a couple of minutes I gave up on taking a photo of being 0 m from the hashpoint and settled for the 1 m photo. I ate a power bar there and put on my "Beinlinge" (pair of clothes that covers the legs) and a wind vest, as it slowly got colder. Then I took the same way back, stopping for another power bar, a warmer vest and a photo session with some paddocks. They were to be seen nearly the whole way, slowly walking across the road or being scrunched by car tires. The entire road looked like a battle field, but I forbeared from taking photos of the slaughter. The stops somehow endangered my time table, so that I had to hurry for the last 15 km, but made it to my home at exactly 23:59:45 after 101.4 km of cycling. My first >100 km ride this year!


Reinhard's bike standing close to the hashpoint.  
Janta and the bear looking for the hashpoint.  
Coordinates reached.  
Reinhard at the hashpoint with the bike in the back.  
Reinhard met hundreds of those fellows on his way - most of them being dead. :(  
One of the more lively one, though still quite still.