2010-03-14 45 -123

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Sun 14 Mar 2010 in 45,-123:
45.3761059, -123.0114844

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[edit] Location

In the backyard of a house on Bachelor Blvd in Beaverton, Oregon.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Print out a google map, program a GPS, try to convince the county GIS system to tell me ANYTHING about it.

[edit] Expedition

Turns out the property is over the county line, which is why Washington County wouldn't tell me anything about it.

I visited several houses on my way to the final location. The first house wasn't interested in talking with me, so I headed off, but stopped to talk to some neighbors who were talking in the street, enjoying the good weather. They were friendly after I explained what I was doing, and assured them I wasn't a revenuer or census-taker. They directed me to an adjacent road, which proved to be the right one. While I was on the upper hill, I took a few pictures of the mountains.

The road was twisting around a lot, so it took two more stops to find the property that had the actual hashpoint. I explained what I was doing and the owner told me that sounded "pretty weird" and made it clear he wasn't interested in my visiting the backyard. I didn't have much of a defense on that assessment, so I headed home.

It was a nice scenic trip, and I got to pick up some eggs at a local farm.

[edit] Photos