2010-03-10 52 9

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Wed 10 Mar 2010 in 52,9:
52.4894339, 9.6160566

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Manu spent the week at the DPG spring meeting in Hannover and so she carefully watched the coordinates of the Hannover graticule every day. Wednesday's geo hash seemed to be perfect, as the weather was sunny and Manu did not have to visit a lot of scientific sessions. Furthermore every participant of the spring meeting got a ticket for free rides in and around Hannover - what a great opportunity to earn the public geo hash achievement! So Manu listened to some talks and then jumped into the Üstra (an interesting combination of tram and underground) to catch the bus to Heitlingen. There she had to follow the "Staudriede Weg" to Resse for about two kilometres. Manu was really scared when she met two lonely walkers in the woods, although it turned out that they only said "hello" and went on (instead of murdering her). Soon she reached the meadow where the geo hash was located and as the fence wasn't intact and there were no cows on it, she decided to visit the exact spot. Foxi and Wischi, who accompanied her, also had a look, before all three went back to Heitlingen and catched the next bus to the hotel.


A ticket that allows to travel around in Hannover for free.  
The long and lonely way to the geo hash.  
This does not count as a fence, does it?  
Coordinates reached.  
Foxi and Wischi at the geo hash.  
Somehow boring view from the hash point.  
Not the very nicest grin...  
Public transport!  


Manu earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 9) geohash on 2010-03-10 using public transit.