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2010-03-09 42 -72

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2010-03-09 42 -72 traditional.jpg

Tue 9 Mar 2010 in 42,-72:
42.6473975, -72.4874414

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[edit] Location

In someone's front yard in Gill, Massachusetts

[edit] Participants

Sara, without kids

[edit] Expedition

My mother watched my kids all day, and my job allows me to make my own hours, so I took advantage of the beautiful weather and the hashpoint which was only a few km from the highway.

[edit] The hashpoint, in Gill, MA

I drove up to Gill, MA and found convenient parking at a farmstand right across the street from the hashpoint. I figured I had better go buy something since I had parked there, so I went in and discovered that they had local grass-fed beef. This made my day, because I try to use local grass-fed beef instead of factory beef, and I can buy the beef in Springfield only during the months when the farmer's market operates, and we had run out.

I asked the proprietor whether he knew the people across the street and whether he thought they'd mind if I walked around in their yard a little, and he said he didn't think Nancy was home, and therefore she wouldn't mind.

So I crossed the street, found the hashpoint, and marked it with a snowball, which I forgot to photograph. I hadn't expected to find any snow, because at home all our snow melted weeks ago.

[edit] Very Near the Hashpoint

[edit] Turners Falls, MA

On the way back, I visited Turners Falls, Massachusetts, a cute little town 8 km from the hashpoint