2010-03-06 35 -97

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Sat 6 Mar 2010 in 35,-97:
35.2251936, -97.2874108

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Off of E 108th and Alameda in Norman, about 50 feet into Lake Thunderbird.


bookworm656 and a couple friends are hoping to attend, weather, vehicle, over-worrisome parents, and boat-possession permitting.

In reality, no one attended.


We're hoping for a 4:00 xkcd meetup, either on the shore or in the lake. Considering the temperature and the fact that the hash is in Lake Thunderbird (aka Lake Dirtybird to the locals), I'm really hoping we can find a boat.



Remember the "vehicle permitting" part? Vehicles (and driver's license technicalities) were not permitting.

Thanks to tag agencies closing too early, this hash didn't actually happen. We did, however, acquire a neon yellow-green pool chair and an awesome goldfish towel in the process of preparing for the geohashing expedition.

Preparations had been made (sort of), everyone was ready to go...and then we decided not to go, so that the driver wouldn't get in trouble in the unlikely event that we got stopped by the police. Somehow we decided to go on a small shopping expedition instead, and the goldfish towel was worn into Kohl's (over other clothes) by one of the party members. There were also many adventures with wrong turns, including going backwards through the Long John Silver's drivethrough, because the driver had no sense of direction.

We might have had a Geo-Squishy honorable honorable mention (because the snow cone place was nowhere near close enough to the hash to qualify), but no one other than bookworm656 wanted a snow cone for some reason.