2010-02-28 37 -122

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Sun 28 Feb 2010 in 37,-122:
37.7557524, -122.4283349

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After-action report on a quick expedition to one of the Noe Valley hills inside the city of San Francisco.

Anyone else make it out?


(Navigated based on Google Maps, gps didn't give a tight enough fix to pin down possibly alternative placement.) The location was found just a short bit up Hill St. from Church St., on the right hand side. It was the first driveway there, and apparently up against the short wall that extends to the sidewalk. Being on a slope with low buildings across the street and downhill, the spot provides a decent view of the Potrero and Bernal Heights areas.


  • Filip - Solo runner, no group, no contact with suspected geohashers.



This was an unplanned and spontaneous expedition. I somehow overlooked this hash when reading the mailing list on Friday (I suspect it was right when I woke up :P), so it wasn't until I was rechecking the points for kicks on Sunday that I noticed that there was one a short walk away right now. Since it was the first one (I believe) that was in the city since I started keeping track, I had to go reach it just for myself. I grabbed my DSLR despite the fast falling darkness and lack of a tripod, and wandered over. My gps wasn't getting a tight enough fix, so I wasn't able to confirm that the google maps pinmark matched reality, but I took some scenery-stabilized long exposures of where it was predicted.

No explanatory sign made up this time. All in all, an unexpected but still fun (and easy >.<) start to geohashing!


Run through Lightroom to tweak the white-balance, then exported to 1024x768 JPGs at 80 quality. Apologies for the shaky city shot.