2010-02-25 48 8

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Thu 25 Feb 2010 in 48,8:
48.5651943, 8.9032348

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At Ammerbuch-Altingen, in a field close to the road, a few metres from a car storage facility.




This was just too close not to go. Actually, it wasn't much closer than the one the day before as the bird flies, but since I'm not a bird, it was much easier this time - not much more than 15 km in easy terrain, a beaten track, and then just 30 m out into a field.

This was just too boring. So I decided to go on some detours, but, however, those weren't so much more interesting either. Seems I have been to the Ammer valley too often during the past few years. It's always a nice area, but there's simply not much left to discover. Even less if the hashpoint is just a few metres off the trail one uses most often.

However, it was kind of a first day of spring: Temperature about 10°C, the snow mostly gone. In higher areas there still was a layer of snow on the fields, though. And, although there was no sun and the expedition itself didn't leave anything interesting to tell, it was a nice small afternoon trip.