2010-02-22 40 -74

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Mon 22 Feb 2010 in 40,-74:
40.0462709, -74.4020917

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Veterans Park, Trenton, near the entrance on Klockner Rd. Across from Steinart High School.


Jevanyn, Gwynnath and Evan


Not to go, because the weather was cold and rainy and threatened to get worse, and our car needs repairs. But someone promised me pancakes, so we borrowed Kyukket's car and made the trip anyway.


So it started out with finding out the geohash was in a park in Trenton. So I posted the location. A friend of mine, Murph, lives about a mile away, suggested I get in touch with him. But I wasn't sure I was going, as it was supposed to rain-to-snow, and it was worse the further south you go.

So now I wasn't going. but Gwynnath points out that IHOP has free pancakes with a donation to The Shriners, so we were going again.

But I remembered the car needs work and we shouldn't go on any extra long drives. So I nix the expedition.

Then my housemate decides to forgo bowling, or it was canceled or something, so we can take his car. So we're on again.

So we head out, and we're still hoping Murph might join us or meet us there, so rather than stopping for pancakes, McDonald's drive-thru. (I'm assuming no one needs a link to Mickey D's website? Good.)

We're driving down, the weather isn't too bad yet, but we can't get Murph on the phone.

Eventually, we get to the park. And I have my GPS. Yay, technology! We park 40 meters east of the geohash.

The GPS can't decide which way is West. Or it can decide, but just won't tell me.

So I tramp around in the trees on the side of the road, thinking I'm getting closer. It's 35 degrees F (F as in fraggin' cold!) raining, windy, there's a good six inches of snow on the ground, at night, there's thorny brush and no pancakes, and when I finally figure out which way West is ... it's not in the trees. It's in a clearing.


Now I can do the GPS dance and zero in on the geohash. Once I located it, I stamped "XKCD" into the snow and took a picture. We took a couple more, of the signage and flags in the park, then headed home.

Jevanyn earned the MNIMB Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (40, -74) geohash on 2010-02-22.


Yes, we took some :-)