2010-02-21 52 -7

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Sun 21 Feb 2010 in Waterford, Ireland:
52.1965597, -7.1560514

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Too tired to write a full entry, so just a bunch of quick comments:

  • The day was sunny and warm, so I decided to go for a walk
  • I took a bus from Waterford to Tramore (on the Atlantic coast) and decided to walk home, on the way visiting hash
  • I was supposed to use the map and my wits + crazy survival skills to reach the point
  • my wits + crazy survival skills made me go west instead of north and I realized that after 2 hours and after walking 10 km in wrong direction
  • Did I start to cry and abandon the quest? Well, there was some crying but there was no way to abandon as I was in the middle of nowhere ;-)
  • I got to the nearest village (it was Fenor) and found myself on the map again

from now on it was easy (if tiring)

  • a lot of baby animals: pigs, lambs, horses, cuuute
  • I found a mysterious Irish lake, excuse me - loch
  • After finally geting home I was exhausted (I didn't expect it to take so long - 7 hours in total)
  • Checking my route on google maps revealed I made 23 km - my new record :).