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2010-02-21 49 -2

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Sun 21 Feb 2010 in Channel Islands:
49.1965597, -2.1560514

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[edit] Location

Jersey, in the Channel islands

The location for Sun 21st Feb 2010 is on land, in Jersey!


[edit] Participants

[edit] Planning

d7415 will make an attempt, though might be late. If anyone wishes to meet him there, add your name here and we can sort something out.

[edit] Report

By d7415

A bit blurry
This is the closest that I managed to photograph
Made it!
Aerial view

I made 3 "visits" to the site today. The first was on my way to work. I probably passed within a metre or two while driving, at 5am.

After work, I flew some circuits with my dad, and the site was pretty much exactly under the circuit.

Finally, after the flying, I took my dad to the site by car. We parked in a nearby car park (to the right of the cropped aerial photo) shortly after 4pm, and used his HTC Hero to find our way.

d7415 earned the Air geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, -2) geohash on 2010-02-21 by Cessna 172, attaining the rank of Pilot.