2010-02-18 42 -88

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Thu 18 Feb 2010 in 42,-88:
42.4191335, -88.9524865

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in someones backyard



Go to the house and ask if we can go into the backyard.


We passed the house and pulled into the next driveway, which was actually closer. But then we parked in the road and went to knock on the door. No lights were on so we didn't expect anyone to be home.

After knocking, and not hearing anything, I rang the doorbell and headed back to the car. When we got to the bottom of the driveway (it was pretty steep) I looked back at the house and saw a light on. So we headed back to the door and a guy came out. I handed him an Ambassador document that I had printed (I didn't want to explain Geohashing anymore after this expedition), and mentioned that we just wanted to go in the backyard for a few minutes to take some pictures and then we would leave. He said something about his son in California that "sent it to him" and "they already got it" but "Yea, sure, that's fine". So we headed to the backyard.

It was dark, no flash light, but the guy turned the light on for us (or it was a motion sensor). It was a pretty nice backyard; had a shed, wood pile, trees, windmill, hill, etc. When we got close to the hashpoint, the GPS on my G1 Android phone went a little crazy (15ft...12ft...10ft...35ft), so we just took some pictures and left.


Here is a screenshot of the tracklog near the hashpoint. You can see where we went to the other house, then parked in the road and went up and down the driveway a few times. Click the image to view the full track log.

2010-02-18 42 -88 tracklog.png