2010-02-18 -37 144

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Thu 18 Feb 2010 in -37,144:
-37.6843364, 144.7661744

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In the middle of a court in Taylors Lakes / in a nearby field.



After the excitement of my first hash only the day before, I decided to head out again for another try. This hashpoint was 22km away, and I realised that I would have just enough time to make it out there and back before I had to head out for a game of indoor soccer.

Google showed that the hashpoint was situated right in the middle of a court, making it extremely easy to find.

The sun was shining strongly as I made my way to the hashpoint, and I realised that in the future I need to take a few additional things: drinks, snacks and sunscreen. I made a quick stop off just before the hashpoint to grab some drinks and rehydrate.

The hashpoint itself was a quiet street right on the outskirts of Melbourne. In fact, this is the last line of houses before farmland begins. I took a few snapshots and headed back home.

Reaching home, I had a look back on the computer, only to find that the hashpoint had moved! It seems that when asking for directions in google maps, it sends you to the closest place accessible by roads. Thus, the hashpoint was actually in a field just beyond the court.