2010-02-17 49 -122

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Wed 17 Feb 2010 in 49,-122:
49.2527991, -122.8574592

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3 hours on public transit passing through the center of the city currently hosting the worlds largest sporting event? What could go wrong?


  • user:thepiguy will be leaving Richmond around 19:00 for some Olympic sized fun.
  • Mylsh will be leaving from UBC to meet up with thepiguy at a skytrain station.
  • Mukmuk managed to catch a lift from the Ozone.


thepiguy set off around 19:00 from his volunteer position at the Richmond Ozone (a place where all the people who couldn't afford to pay $5000 to see a hockey game can come and watch it on a big TV) and managed to catch the Skytrain without having to wait in a gigantic line.

MylSh got on the bus from UBC campus at 19:15, and promptly found a seat to read his book. Near the end of the bus trip Mylsh encountered his first character for this geohash: non-medicated angry man hitting on underage girl. After much profanity, much angry gesturing, and many people attempting to calm him, a lady suggested that he move to a different part of the bus. This suggestion took hold in the man, and he calmly moved to a different location. MylSh shakily got off the bus at the skytrain station, and began looking for thepiguy .

thepiguy found MylSh at Broadway station and was regaled with tales of the colourful types of people you can meet while taking transit.

After another trip on the Skytrain, they realized that the bus they had intended on catching ran only every 30 minutes this time of night, and decided to walk the final 2km. They passed the time by pointing out, and then making fun of, all of the local businesses. They made it to the coordinates about 30 seconds behind the bus they could have waited for.

The usual Geohashing activities ensued: thepiguy took silver in the walking-around-in-little-circles-with-a-gps event, MylSh recived gold in silly-grins, and there was a tie for the bronze medal in eating-nibs event.

Their goal complete, they decided to head back into the center of Vancouver for some Olympic themed fun. With a bit of running they managed to catch a bus back to the Skytrain station. During their trip MylSh brought out the game Hive. Hive is a simple deceivingly complex board game, where opposing players place bug themed tiles in an attempt to capture each others queen. The game is so captivating, in fact, that a fellow transit rider (who was on his way home from a cake decorating class) came to sit with us while we played!


Olympic Madness![edit]