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West of -30°: .2527991, .8574592
East of -30°: .7439557, .9891985
Globalhash: 43.912019967552, 176.11147140319 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Melbourne, Australia Bertrand, myka, buckleyj Intersection Of Bell st and Gilbert Rd, Coburg.
Schaumburg, Illinois DLeininger, MrMoses In front of granary among some big metal silos and grain elevators.
Toronto, Ontario Droppi On my way home from work, took a detour to pick up some parts for a project...
Surrey, British Columbia thepiguy, Mukmuk, Mylsh thepiguy set off around 19:00 from his volunteer position at the Richmond O...
London West, United Kingdom Macronencer Maple Road, Thame, Oxfordshire

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