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Tue 16 Feb 2010 in 52,13:
52.3131151, 13.7349390

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In a forest, close to "Friedersdorfer Straße" near Kablow-Ziegelei, se of Berlin



JUB lives close and would go there by car, if anyone with a GPS is coming along. He could pick you up at a nearby train station. Without GPS would be hard to find this hashpoint directly. I might also be convinced to come... --HiroProtagonist 22:00, 15 February 2010 (UTC)

Let's say I'm considering.. :D But I'm also a bit ill, so I'll have to see how I feel this afternoon and how much work I got done by then. I would have to be there 1730-1800 I guess. -- relet 11:15, 16 February 2010 (UTC)



So, eventually I went. I thought that might be an easy drive-by and do something useful on the way back hash. Well, the first part was easy. Just that the power level of my car mysteriously went down from 80% to 20% during the ride on the highway. As soon as I left the highway, it recovered to 50%. I would expect said behaviour from the "remaining range" display, but not from the charge level.

Beating my confusion and precaution with ignorance and a bit of whatever, I continued for a while at a slower pace, until I came close to the hash. Jub called me a few minutes before that and asked me if I'd come. I said I would. They needed me for the GPS apparently. I reached hash village, and turned into a small, snow-covered road. I looked at my GPS. I turned around and took the even smaller, snow-laden road I had missed upon the first attempt.

The road continued past the last houses and into the forest. It was obvious that only a few cars had passed here, and from the condition of the snow, I presumed they were a bit more offroady than mine. Oh, and JUB must have passed. Some 600m from the hash I decided nonetheless to abandon the car and make the rest of the distance on foot. Jogging, since I knew that JUB already waited for me.

I met two dark figures in the dark forest. They were JUB and his yet unwikinamed drag-along. As it turns out, they had parked their car right in a small sidetrack that led to the hash. We walked the remaining 50m and found the hash to be right on the track. Good luck, as I certainly didn't have the right shoes or the condition to plough through the snow today.

After taking the necessary pictures, we returned, in JUBs car, to mine. And from there... well. I got as far as the city borders, where my range display was down to 14km again. Something is foul in batteryland. After a quick call to the car service staff (which kindly prolonged my booking, but weren't of much help otherwise), I was left with the option to get towed, or to ask a friendly fuel station for help. The third station I reached indeed had an outside power plug and allowed me to use it.

  • Coordinates reached, but battery failed. Now I'm sitting at a gas station waiting for my car to recharge :/ -- relet @52,4462,13,5235 19:39, 16 Februar 2010 (MEZ)

And so I waited, with the help of a coffee and a newspaper, for my car to charge a few extra kilometers. Three quarters of an hour later, the car hadn't charged significantly. I discovered a button on top of the power plug that I apparently had forgotten to press. Another hour later (and the correct light blinking this time), the range display was up to 40km again. I decided that this would have to do.

Five minutes later, it was back to 18km again. That's about exactly the distance I would have to cover to reach the charging station at main station again. I went a bit slower. Fortunately, people don't expect electric cars to go fast when they encounter them, and patiently overtake you without honking. I managed to cross the city with an almost constant display of 15-11 km range.

By the time I was at the entry tunnel to the main station parking garage, I was down to 5km. It was closed. Now, I just had to drive through the government district to access the station from the other side. I decided to trust the range display (because - what else could I do?) and reached the entrance of the garage with 3km left. (Slowly driving into the station and recuperating the potential energy from two stories of subterranean garage brought be back to 13km, which you can see on the photo.)

Lessons learned: None.