2010-02-14 42 -88

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Sun 14 Feb 2010 in 42,-88:
42.2715064, -88.8845079

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corn field



Plan on going sometime in the early afternoon. There's a Sonic about 1 mile away, so we will probably grab a slushie to get the GeoSquishy award.


On Google maps satellite view it looked like there was a path we could take out into the field, but it was a lie. We couldn't find that path from the road, so we went into a nearby neighborhood and pulled into the driveway that was closest.

We asked if we could park the car in the driveway while we adventured out into the field, and the man said it was no problem, but the guy who owns the field is pretty sensitive. So we drove to the house that we thought owned the field to ask for permission.

They were confused as to why there was a game that included their private property, and it took some time to explain that the destination is kind of randomly calculated. Eventually they gave us permission and we drove back into the neighborhood to park as close as we could.

We headed down a snowy hill, and eventually out into the field. The field had lots of ruts, so it seemed like every other step was deeper. Some spots had a layer of ice under the snow, but it was pretty thin and we kept breaking through going even deeper into the snow.

When we got to the hashpoint, we enjoyed our slushies for a bit and took some pictures. We drew a snowman in the snow, and I also dropped my camera into the snow. It got snow/water on the lens, so the rest of the pictures have some blurry spots.


Here is a screenshot of the tracklog near the hashpoint. Click the image to view the full track log.

2010-02-14 42 -88 tracklog.png