2010-02-13 44 -123

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Sat 13 Feb 2010 in 44,-123:
44.5585196, -123.3018158

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Near Corvallis, Oregon in woods adjacent to a field



We're going to go to the Corvallis Winter Farmer's Market first, then to the hashpoint. We (Portland geohashers) have declared, by right of being the local active graticule, a 2PM meetup time for all nearby graticules. :-)

APR was going to come along, but wasn't able to make it.


Jim ran a couple of errands in the Portland area, and then headed south to Corvallis. He made it in time to the Corvallis Winter Farmer's market, and saw a couple of vendors that he normally sees in Beaverton during the Summer, but didn't find any people who he knew.

He then headed off to the hashpoint. He initially went to the parking lot of the church next to the hashpoint, hoping for easy access from that side. However, the hashpoint proved to be across a stream in some woods off the back of the parking lot. He talked to a woman who was working on a shed near the parking lot. It turned out to be for a Boy Scout troop that meets in the church, so she didn't know who to talk to about accessing the hashpoint. There was a contra-dance going on in the church so there were lots of folks around, but none we really affiliated with the church.

Deciding he needed a different path, he drove around the block in search of entry to the field on the other side of the woods. He eventually what he thought might be the house of the owner, but no one was there. Finally, checking with three other neighbors, he was told about a gate into the field and was told that the owners never had any problems with people crossing the field, so he set off for the gate and the hashpoint.

The gate was easy to park at, and then there was a change of footwear, since knee-waders seemed like a better choice for the soggy area around the hashpoint. The hashpoint was easy to access, though the dying batteries (and the spare set of dead batteries brought along) proved to be a bit of a problem, but a few pictures were obtained.

Jim then headed back for home, after making a stop back at the church to tell the shed-builder about the successful expedition.


To be uploaded later