2010-02-13 40 -74

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Sat 13 Feb 2010 in 40,-74:
40.5585196, -74.3018158

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Parking lot of Woodbridge Mall, on the side closest to Route 1. I believe that's the Sears at that end, follow around to the left to reach the lot where the geohash is.


Jevanyn with Evan and maybe Kyukket


I had the satellite view zoomed all the way in when I plugged in the date, and thought "Ooh, a parking lot."

Then I zoomed out a couple of steps and thought, "Ooh, a mall parking lot!"

Then I zoomed out another step and thought "OOH OOH OOH It's Woodbridge Center!" :-)

So I'm going to squeeze an hour or so out of an already busy Saturday to get there, I really really hope someone else is coming? -- Jevanyn 16:54, 12 February 2010 (UTC)


Jevanyn: I can try to be there at 4PM, but I have plans to be elsewhere at 5PM so I won't be there long.

I also posted a note on the Facebook group saying that the geohash was at Woodbridge Mall, but only got one, negative response. :-(


Kyukket went to Ikea earlier in the day. Gwynnath went with him to help lift heavy things, while I watched Evan at home. The plan was to meet at the geohash, hopefully meet up with other people, and swap cars so that Kyukket could go play D&D and Gwynnath would take Evan home.

With no one else showing, I took pictures of the geohash, with the asphalt in pretty poor shape. I also took pictures of the eight-foot mounds of snow around the perimeter of the parking lot, remnants from the foot or so of snow New Jersey got the Wednesday before (2/10/2010).


...to come...