2010-02-07 59 16

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Sun 7 Feb 2010 in 59,16:
59.7696906, 16.1443701

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Just off road 233 north of Surahammar.


the ru and Elin went there, drove past only 20 m from the hashpoint (which was in knee-deep snow in the forest), but since there was no safe place to park for several kilometers we decided to abort instead of endangering other drivers by leaving the car in the middle of the road. No one was really in the mood for another 2009-02-11 66 21 anyway. We went to Surahammar and photographed brick walls instead (for texturing).

We hade vague plans of doing a triplehash through 59 15 and 59 14, but we figured the situation would be the same in those graticules as well.