2010-02-04 33 -84

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Thu 4 Feb 2010 in Atlanta:
33.4465739, -84.6178369

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In a rock quarry south west of Tyrone Georgia



It was raining very hard on this day. I drove out to this rock quarry and everyone had gone for the day. I've worked for an Asphalt company before and usually they don't work on days that it is raining especially in the winter when it is cold. So, there might not have been anyone there all day.

I drove up to where the office is and see a few pickup trucks parked by the office door. I hop out of my truck and bang on the doors and windows. There are lights on in the building. But, nobody home.

I get back in my truck and drive past the office to the end of the pavement where this HUGE front end loader that stands probably 20 feet high is parked. It is blocking the dirt road but it looks like the operator just drove up and parked it there at the end of the day.

I can't drive my truck past it so I get out and walk around. Looking at the dirt road behind the front end loader my truck probably wouldn't make the drive and probably would get stuck in the first 100 feet. I look at my eTrex and there is 0.16 of a mile to go to the hash spot.

I climb up on the front end loader and the door is unlocked. I've driven front end loaders before and know that although there is a key required for the vehicle to start, the key position can be moved to on and then removed, only requiring the push of the start button to turn over.

I move the front light lever to On and the head lights come on but doesn't illuminate much as in it is raining very hard. I bump the start button and the engine rotates once. I now know that the key switch is in the On position but the key had been removed.

I decided against driving the front end loader as in, it is a VERY HUGE machine and I haven't driven one in more than 15 years. I turn off the head lights and hop down.

I instead grab my umbrella and walk the muddy roads the last 0.16 of a mile to the hash spot. I find it with 2.08 feet to go. Close enough. I'm just glad that the hash spot is in between the rock piles that are more than 30 feet high. I don't think I would have climbed the rock pile in a coat and tie with dress shoes on.

It is pitch black out there. There are no lights anywhere close and it is raining heavily. I try my best to take pictures at the hash spot but the flash of the camera and my flashlight just are not good enough.

I take a few pictures of my eTrex and then make my way back to my truck. I then drive home to Norcross.




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