2010-02-02 43 -79

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Tue 2 Feb 2010 in 43,-79:
43.9076735, -79.0132567

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The point was on a deserted country road in the north end of Ajax, Ontario.



I forgot to check the point at my full time job, but did get to check the point while I was working the part time military job. As it turned out, the point was easily located on a country road in the north end of Ajax. Getting to it would be a simple matter of stopping at this slightly out of the way location on the way back home for the night.

As I was driving up to the point, I watched the GPS on the dash count down, and eventually hit 0m as I was pulling over. If I had gone through at full speed I would have got another speed racer acheivement. I wanted to get out and take some pictures though, because it was dark as slightly snowing.

I let the emptiness of the dark void touch my soul, took some snaps, then hopped back in 'Em' and drove home. Bonus points for wearing my uniform. If it were my dress uniform, I would have got a formal attire achievement, but alas, this was my regular duty uniform. Also, being dressed as a sailor is not the same as being dressed as a pirate.