2010-02-01 40 -74

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Mon 1 Feb 2010 in 40,-74:
40.5753114, -74.5009410

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On the side of Edgeworth Street, in Middlesex, Somerset County.



Noticed that the geohash was close to the center of the graticule, which meant it was close to me. Checked that it was reachable, figured it was a 45 minute excursion round-trip.


I dialed the coordinates into my GPS, but the confounded thing thought it was there, not going there, so I left it at home.

I was taking Evan, but he distracted me with Legotm, so we didn't get going until about 8:30. No matter, it was only a 15 minute drive.

Since I was coming from the west, I parked the van on the far side of the street, one door down from the corner. Evan was thrilled to see that someone still had a lump of snow on their lawn, which he started kicking at me. :-) I had to remind him that it was late. We crossed the street, discovered the remnant of a sidewalk on the north side of the street. We also discovered a few pieces of stray cardboard, probably recycling that got away the other day when it was fairly windy. After taking pictures, I rounded up the trash and put it in the back of the van. Recycling there is recycling here.

On the way home, we talked about ginger bread houses and the moon, and when we got home we brushed our teeth and went to bed.


Yes, there are!