2010-01-31 59 17

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Sun 31 Jan 2010 in 59,17:
59.3697908, 17.8551778

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Krossgatan, near the Johannelund subway station.


the ru and Elin were there. Google Maps showed the hashpoint to be inside a building, but it was possible to get a good enough GPS reading standing next to the wall. There was a supermarket and some other commerce nearby.

The train connectivity in Stockholm had dropped from "delayed" to "sporadic", but the subway was still running even though most of it is above ground and ought to suffer from the same problems as other trains. T19 took us to Johannelund and from there it was only a short walk to the hashpoint.

the ru had forgotten his notebook (it was later revealed to have been in his pocket all the time - silly ru) and had to call a friend to get the coordinates. After a few minutes of explaining how to find and use peeron, the following exchange occured:

Friend: Are you sure this is where you want to go? I just clicked... somewhere. It's in the middle of an industrial zone.
the ru: Yeah, that's exactly where we're going... somewhere.

We haven't spoken since.