2010-01-28 52 5

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Thu 28 Jan 2010 in 52,5:
52.0983223, 5.0846867

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Utrecht, Schepenbuurt


A friend of CO2. CO2 himself wasn't here.


CO2 saw the Hashpoint was nearby but didn't have time to go there himself. Therefore, he asked a friend to go.


(This report was written by CO2's friend)

The Hashpoint was on the other side of town for me, so I went there by bike. In the beginning the sun was shining, but somewhere halfway it started to rain a little bit. After I arrived at the Schoenerstraat in the Schepenbuurt, the rain had stopped, so I could take some good pictures. I didn't have a GPS, so you have to believe I got there. The Schoenerstraat crossed the Tjalkstraat and there in an alleyway was the tree which was the Hashpoint. I left a note with the XKCD geohash picture and forgot to add the date, but still, it was enjoyable. I had some people staring at me like I was crazy because I was taking so much pictures of a perfectly ordinary tree in a backyard, but that was fun too.


Also there's a little youtube clip made around the hashpoint here.