2010-01-28 42 -89

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Thu 28 Jan 2010 in Rockford, IL:
42.2745448, -89.3064383

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Just another corn field.



MrMoses and DLeininger are going to Pecatonica this evening (after work), and eventually will be going back to Rockford, so we will be passing this hashpoint twice. We will prolly stop by the hashpoint on the way back to Rockford (which will be later in the evening between 7-10pm).

We will prolly stop at the farmers house and ask if we can wander in the field (without fear of getting shot at or having dogs chase us).


We left Pecatonica heading for the haspoint around 7pm. It was cold, dark, and more cold. I use the Geohash Droid app on my phone for navigating to the hashpoint, but my phone was about to die because I had been downloading and testing out GPS tracking apps all day. Luckily I had a charger in DLeininger's car, so I plugged it in, fired up the My Tracks app and Geohash Droid and we headed to the hashpoint.

We knew the hashpoint was somewhat close to a house, so we debated approaching the house and asking for permission to go in the field vs. just running out into the field from the road. When we got closer we realized the field was fenced off so we decided to go to the house and ask. The lady said "yea, that's fine".

It was so cold that the snow was frozen hard enough to walk on top of it without sinking in. We didn't have a flashlight again, but it was a full moon so it was pretty easy to see and navigate through the rows of stubby corn stalks. We were trying to hurry 1) because of the cold and 2) my phone was still dying.

We got to the hashpoint and started taking screenshots and stuff on our phones. Using touch screen phones we had to take our gloves off, which made our hands go numb pretty quickly, so we hurried up and went back to the car forgetting to actually take pictures of ourselves at the hashpoint.

All in all, another successful geohash!


Here is a screenshot of the tracklog in the field. Click to view the full track log.

2010-01-28 42 -89 My Tracks.png




MrMoses and DLeininger earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -89) geohash on 2010-01-28.
MrMoses and DLeininger earned the Nocturnal Geohash Achievement
by traveling flashlightless at night to reach the (42, -89) geohash on 2010-01-28.