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Sat 23 Jan 2010 in Cleveland, TN:
35.7999679, -84.0504074

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The Crew went on an easy hash.


The coordinates for this day were near a creek off Miser Station Rd.

Distance Traveled: 22.4 mi

Participants (8)[edit]



This would be the third hash for me in three weeks -- one every Saturday so far. I like my consistency! I invited some of my friends to tag along on this one and also asked my aunt to come. The hash was out near McGhee Tyson Airport which is close to Jordan's house. Though I hadn't asked him to come (I did the day before...I think), I told everyone to meet at his house. Luckily Jordan was there, and everything was A.O.K.

And, my friends, експедицията:

We took two cars, Alex's and mine. The drive there was enjoyable. The roads were long and the turns curved just enough. In less than 10 minutes, we found the hash. There wasn't really a place to park around the point, so we drove our ways up a little and found parking spaces at Middlesettlement United Methodist. That church had a nice cemetery full of Cox and French -- probably the gayest names that can occur next to one another other than Butt and Pirate.

Speaking of gay...

As we were walking down the side of the road, Jordan yells, "Oh my god! Gay Porn!" I look over and see he his holding, well, porn that is gay. Nothing like Six Fags.

Anywho, we came upon our hash, took some pictures, and spotted a carcass of some type of animal (the back bone was no more than two or three feet, but it didn't seem like a dog's body). There wasn't much trash in the area; nonetheless, I made Tim pick up one aluminum gum wrapper.

Later, we decided to go to Mr. Gatti's near Maryville. This was no ordinary Gatti's. This was the granddaddy of them all (it was just really big; not really that exiting -- but I'm sure as hell going to make it seem that way!). The buffet pizza was great like usual. We watched UTenn get hammered by UGA and saw WWE (or WWF) which I think now is our new favorite "sport".

After the hash, we went back to Jordan's and watched more wraastlin'. haha That stuff is hilarious. It is like watching Maury.

'Tis the end of die journey! Till next time.


All photos on Knoxville Area Geohashing Facebook page.

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