2010-01-23 -37 145

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Sat 23 Jan 2010 in -37,145:
-37.7999679, 145.0504074

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Kozz's Dog


I think this is actually in the middle of a building or worse, a building site, but will make the attempt anyway.


With nothing to do on a Saturday morning (by 'nothing' I mean 'heaps of things to do, but nothing I really WANT to do') I decided to take the ever-dependable Kozz's dog for a walk out in the eastern suburbs at the hashpoint.

When researching access to the spot, the first problems came up. The hashpoint appeared to be quite accessible on Google Maps, and twas only when I shifted onto Google Street View that it transpired the satellite photos were outta date. Building had commenced on a quite significant property. Lacking the natural building-site geohashing disguise that fellow Melbournian Felix Dance has - personalised hardhat and polycarb glasses - I figured I might be able to sneak down the laneway behind the site, snap a couple of quick pictures of the hashpoint, and be on my way before anyone arrested me. Arresting being a distinct possibility with the Bundoora Police Station about 40 metres away, with surveillance cameras everywhere.

Upon arriving at the hash site in the dreaded carbon-spewing transportation device - sorry, but Kozz's dog doesn't fit on a bike - two things immediately became apparent. One - the construction had been completed some months ago, and there was a shiny new office block where the site had been. Two - the office block was impenetratable, so without wings, a jetpack, levitation ability or a neat remote-controlled paraglider like the crazy geohashers in Germany have - there would be no accessing the hashpoint. Even the neat little laneway behind the complex transpired to be a 2-metre-wide gap between boundary fences, bricked off 2m high on each end - total blockage. There wasn't even a security guard available to let me into the building, which woulda been kinda cool as they had a neat 2-storey sculpture of a spine or a bit of DNA or something inside.

I took some photos to prove at least I made the effort, and as a fine rain began to fall, headed for home somewhat downcast.