2010-01-16 36 -83

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Ben and Bo ventured to Powell and had a nice meal together.

Sat 16 Jan 2010 in Morristown, TN:
36.0419401, -83.9914098

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The coordinates for this day were at an apartment complex off Beaver Creek Dr.

Distance Traveled: 20.0 mi

Participants (2)[edit]



This hash started out like the last one. I woke up early (as in at noon) had Ben come over (he lives down the hall from me). I goofed off for about an hour doing Satan knows what. Finally we decided to leave toward Powell!

And now, Экспедыцыя:

Miss Japan lead us toward the interstate and we got off near Central Av. We saw this hole in the wall called Asian Cafe and agreed to eat there after our hash. When we reached the hash, I noticed it looked nothing like the Google satellite image (like usual). It was an apartment complex now. When we started walking toward the point, it was looking as if the coordinates might lead us within the apartments. Thankfully that was not the case. Unfortunately, though, it lead my shoe directly to some dog poo poo. After achieving our goal, the real fun began - exploring! We walked around the complex and saw some interesting things (one being a very beautiful woman). After that, we decided to head on back to the Cafe. While heading back, Ben noticed a very unusual house. I mean A VERY UNUSUAL HOUSE. We stopped and took some good photos. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. At the Cafe, we has, you won't believe it, Asian food. The Ole Miss vs UTenn basketball game was on, so we watched that while we ate (UTenn won in OT!). Our waiter was a very nice guy and the place was quite comfortable. It did get voted Knoxville's #1 ethnic restaurant after all.

Any who, Happy MLK Jr Day. Civil Right's Museum


All photos on Knoxville Area Geohashing Facebook page.

Hash #6 Coordinates
Asian Cafe
Knoxville's #1 Ethnic Restaurant
The Crazy House
The Microwave Mailbox
The usual U.F.O. in the yard
My Sesame Chicken
I love the bunny skull.