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2010-01-16 30 -89

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Sat 16 Jan 2010 in 30,-89:
30.0419401, -89.9914098

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[edit] Location

It's someone's backyard in The Eastern Wastes errr I mean New Orleans East. Hopefully one of the 90% of houses in the area that are abandoned.

[edit] Participants

anaraug and probably Quentin and maybe Leighann.

[edit] Plans

anaraug's plan is trick Quentin into coming, then trick Leighann into coming, then go there for 4PM and wait around a bit. It's a really easy location. Not much planning required. (Famous last words.)

[edit] Expedition

People lived there, and it was raining. Got a picture of the gps near, but not at, the coords. So yeah, marginally successful.

Attempted two nearby geocaches on the way back. Found one, couldn't find the other.