2010-01-16 30 -89

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Sat 16 Jan 2010 in 30,-89:
30.0419401, -89.9914098

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It's someone's backyard in The Eastern Wastes errr I mean New Orleans East. Hopefully one of the 90% of houses in the area that are abandoned.


anaraug and probably Quentin and maybe Leighann.


anaraug's plan is trick Quentin into coming, then trick Leighann into coming, then go there for 4PM and wait around a bit. It's a really easy location. Not much planning required. (Famous last words.)


People lived there, and it was raining. Got a picture of the gps near, but not at, the coords. So yeah, marginally successful.

Attempted two nearby geocaches on the way back. Found one, couldn't find the other.