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2010-01-15 35 -101

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Fri 15 Jan 2010 in 35,-101:
35.2817822, -101.9728271

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[edit] Location

Private ranch northwest of Amarillo.

[edit] Participants

Redassag02 +1

[edit] Plans

Noticed a close hash just before lunch and picked up a friend to check this whole thing out.

[edit] Expedition

I stumbled upon Geo Hashing on Monday morning and noticed my graticule had no information posted. "Ripe for the taking," I thought. During the week, I had to break out the old TomTom, download a few iPhone apps, and figure out a general game plan. I noticed Friday right before lunch that the hash wasn't too far and close to a "road", so what better time than now to check it out? I convinced a friend who had never heard of this weirdness to come along. Reached the first turnoff in about five minutes and wouldn't you know it, there was no such road as shown on Google Maps? Made a couple U-turns and headed down a ranch road that might have gotten us close but alas, a padlocked gate barred the way. Oh well, it was an easy first try. With so much open space around, you can probably expect a lot more dead end posts.

[edit] Photos