2010-01-11 45 -122

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Mon 11 Jan 2010 in 45,-122:
45.5563708, -122.6351236

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On NE Going Street near 30th Avenue, in residential Northeast Portland.



Michael5000 plans to leverage some geohashing synergy by using this hashpoint as an excuse to take Mrs.5000 out to dinner in Northeast.

Jim didn't plan at all. He just needed a break from fighting with networking gear at work.


The 5000s[edit]

We went out for Ethiopian food at Queen of Sheba, on NE MLK. Then we drove to the hashpoint. We got out of the truck, lined up the landmarks, and reveled in the state of being at the hashpoint. Then we walked around the block, got back in the truck, and went home. Expedition Success.


Jim needed a break from fighting with networking equipment, so he headed to the (accessible) hashpoint, even though it was in Portland. He got there in quick order, since he missed rush hour, and found the hashpoint. I dodged around the puddle and found the hashpoint.