2010-01-11 33 -84

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Mon 11 Jan 2010 in Atlanta:
33.5563708, -84.6351236

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Under some High Voltage Transmission power line west of Fairburn Georgia



I decided to make this one late in the day as I was not sure still what is going to happen tomorrow. I had looked up this Geohash right at the 9:30 open and saw that it was a reachable Geohash. From the Google map there didn't appear to be any fence that I would have to hop seeing that there were houses along the path of the transmission wires.

I tried my best to get there before sun set but the Atlanta traffic would just not let me. Traffic is back to normal now that the holidays are over and the snow is gone.

As I rolled up on the power lines, I thought about driving down the access road. I did one of these before on August 31st when I walked down the access road. I walked that time because I would have needed a 4 wheel drive vehicle and my truck is only 2 wheel drive.

As I pulled up to the access road, there is an steel bar gate across the access road. No fence just a bar gate. It did look my 2 wheel drive truck could have made it too. I had my Google map with me and I decided to drive east to the next side road heading north. I drove till my eTrex was pointing due west.

It was right by a drive way for a house. I didn't drive up the driveway because it was still covered in snow and ice. I got out and started to walk up the driveway and was met by a guy about my age that was cutting wood in the back yard of his house.

I introduced myself and told him that I was trying to access a point under the transmission lines and wanted to know if I could walk though his back yard. I didn't even explain Geohashing this time. I guess I looked official enough for him.

He pointed at a path that he said was probably the easiest way to go now that the sun had gone down. I still had my trusty flashlight with me. It was 495 feet to go from where I stopped to talk with him.

I walked though the woods with ease. It wasn't a problem at all and I found the Geohash spot with 2.08 feet to go. I took a few pictures and then made my way back through the woods. The guy asked me if I had found the spot and I said "Yes" to confirm that I did.

I thanked the man for letting me cut though and then made my way back to my truck. I then drove home to Norcross.



NWoodruff earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (33, -84) geohash on 2010-01-11.