2010-01-06 33 -84

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Wed 6 Jan 2010 in Atlanta:
33.9776834, -84.4891070

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On someone's house in Marietta Georgia.



Finally Atlanta is on the map of Geohashes. I was beginning to worry there for a few days. We have had some extreme cold weather. Well, Probably not cold to Seattle or maybe Berlin but cold to us Southerns.

I found this hash to be only 9 miles from where I work and decided that it should be a lunch time geohash.

I drove down the road and found the Geohash house where the Geohash point was located. I walked up to the door hoping to get lucky that someone would be home. I knocked on the door and rang the door bell. No answer.

I waited and rang the door bell again. After another wait and ringing the door bell again. I assumed that nobody was home. I looked at my eTrex and 34 feet to go. I took a picture of it hoping upon hope that 34 feet was inside the 10 meter requirement. I wasn't exactly sure how many feet are in 10 meters. All I know that is it a little more than 30 feet.

Well, I googled it and have found that 10 meters equals 32.81 feet. So, standing at the front door, I was not inside of the requirement.

Just to play it safe, I walked around to the back of the house to see if I could get closer. There is a fence encircling the entire back yard. The gate to the back yard was open. I shouted "Hello" into the back yard and there was no answer.

Even though the gate was open, I looked at my eTrex and it said 17 feet to go. Close enough without having to enter the gate.

I took a few pictures then I got back in my truck and headed for work.