2010-01-03 -37 145

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Sun 3 Jan 2010 in -37,145:
-37.8488458, 145.6673194

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The Place[edit]

Off in the bush south of Yarra Junction

Who went[edit]

Stephen @ 2PM[edit]

As I was out at the Blue Lotus Water Garden near Yarra Junction it was a matter of convincing the driver to detour south on the way home and wait while I walked closer to the location.

The actual location was a short distance from what Google called Fir Free Trk and the online Melways called the Fir Tree Track. I'd trust Melways for the correct name.

Anyway, we reached a point on Mt Beenak Road where the track came close enough for there to be a clearing. I walked from here and reached a point on the track that I deemed close enough, I wasn't dressed for bush bashing.