2009-12-31 33 -84

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Thu 31 Dec 2009 in Atlanta:
33.6980729, -84.6080772

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In the parking lot of a large trucking complex, west of Atlanta.



After a large and hearty breakfast, we decided to attempt one more hash for the year. We had 2 hashers and 5 drag-alongs, so we borrowed my mum's car ---thanks for the petrol :-) and headed through the woods to the Fulton Industrial area. There was a guard at the gate, but he seemed pretty uninterested, so we drove through the hashpoint, then found a place to park where we wouldn't be in the way of the big rigs, to take pics.


My first successful hash. I had to blow my nose alot.


Our office closed early so I decided to make one last Geohash for the Decade. I found Fulton Industrial off of I-20 west and headed south. My eTrex soon pointed to the road that I needed to turn on. I had my Google map on the seat next to me and I reached over to look at is as I pulled up to the guard shack.

I was trying to think of something to say as I was reaching for the map. As I looked back up and towards the guard shack, the guard was waving me on and pointing in the direction, which I though really weird. I thought to myself that maybe he thought I was a courier delivering something to the building and pointing the direction to it.

I drove around and found a parking space 26 feet to go which is inside the 10 meter requirement. I hopped out of my truck and found the Geohash spot with 2.42 feet to go. Close enough. I didn't see any markers and I didn't leave one. I though about a chalk one but the pavement was still wet from more than a days straight rain.

I took a few pictures of the area and myself and then got back in my truck. I drove around and back out to the guard shack and the guard just waved by to me. I though really odd.

It never occurred to me that an entire boat load of people had showed up before me. I hope someone before me had explained Geohashing to the guard.

Maybe next time LuxMundi and I will meetup.


Daniel (visiting from 33/-86); Shelley and kids with LuxMundi